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  •   haffnium 72racted hard on the dildo lodged deep inside her. The orgasm seemed to last forever, washing over her in wave after wave. As the effects of her orgasm wore off she opened her eyes and looked around at the men watching her, and felt pride as she took in the intense looks of desire in their eyes. But it was short lived. Humiliation set in as she slowly pulled the dildo from her cunt causing her body to shake in tiny spasms. In your mouth, cunt -- clean it, her Master said. Her face flushed in anger. He didn“t have to tell her that, she knew the rules. She brought the slimy toy to her lips, sticking out her tongue and licking it all over like it was a popsicle. She felt defiant. Throwing the used toy on the floor, she turned around and got on all fours. Turning her head to look back at the men, she wiggled her hips invitingly at them. Well, I thought you guys wanted to fuck. Are you going to just sit there? She heard her Master laugh and she swung her head to look at him, anger in her eye haffnium 72 s. Cunt, you don“t honestly believe you“re going to just sit there as these men fuck you, do you? No slut, you“re going to be a busy little whore. Get off that table now, He demanded. He watched as her face fell and she climbed slowly from the table. She had tried to take control, and now she felt shame for it. Scott, ever had your asshole licked by a true whore before? His eyes never left hers as he addressed His friend. The look of horror that crossed her face was priceless. Crawl over to Scott pet, and show him what a good ass licker you are. Swallowing back a sob, she crawled to the man farthest from her. He had already taken off his pants, and was lifting up his legs so she could reach his ass. She hesitated a minute, staring at his hairy asshole in disgust. Tears started running down her face as she leaned forward and stuck her tongue out to lick his tight hole. He sighed loudly as she started to work on him. The men around her were encouraging her to suck and lick. Harder and f
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    cartoons bdsm haffnium stig spanking drawings hines shiranda drawing aries free hentai comic series deharo fansadox pdf cagri art damian black van badia victor bruno
    haffnium 72 aster they ordered her. She wasn“t holding back now, attacking his asshole like she could somehow make him sorry for enjoying her mouth. She felt a hand behind her, smacking her ass, spanking her, and voice ordering her to push her tongue deep in his ass. Eat his ass slut, moan bitch, you know you love it. She did moan. The spanking stopped and her anal passage was suddenly invaded by large fingers, pushing her harder between Scott“s ass cheeks. She moaned louder as her asshole was stretched wide. That“s enough bitch, get your mouth on my cock. She gratefully took his cock in her mouth. It wasn“t as big as her Master“s, so she had no problem taking it all down her throat, barely gagging at all. She worked his cock with her tongue, circling and licking the head before plunging it back down her throat. She felt a cock enter her pussy and started to moan uncontrollably, setting off the cock in her mouth. Her throat worked hard to swallow all his cum, and she was gratified to feel him gra

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